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    • ABOUT US

      Jiangsu Haite Fashion Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 2002, specializing in the production of special fancy yarn, has a complete set of high-end yarn production equipment, the registered capital of 73.6204 million yuan, modern standard factory building 40000 square meters, the annual productivity of more than 5000 tons, the product sells in distant markets 38 countries in the world, is the industry development capability is strong, equipment, variety, research and development team of professional large-scale enterprises, is one of the big fancy yarn production base.
      The main equipment of the company is: hook knitting machine, twine machine, twist machine, spray wool machine, friction spinning, grinding machine, wool spinning machine and many other advanced equipment. There are thousands of kinds of yarn, such as chenille yarn, guipao yarn, tripe yarn, dobby yarn, feather yarn and loop yarn.





    Jiangsu Haite Fashion Co.,Ltd.

    Add:No.58, Xiaowuxiang Road, Yunting, Jiangyin, Jiangsu

    Tel:+86-510-86011895 / 18961693366

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